Dog Sitting

Most dogs find the isolation and strict routine of staying in kennels very stressful. Excessive noise and unfamiliar surroundings, combined with their family leaving them can be an overwhelming experience for even the most aloof of dogs.


Paws Outdoors offers a convenient & trustworthy pet sitting service in Bentleigh (and all surrounding areas) that caters to all of your pets and their needs whilst you're away. This includes watering of plants, feeding and cleaning of all animals on site.

I treat your pet like they were my own, with thought, care and kindness.

 30 minutes

30 dollars


45 minutes

45 dollars


Dog Minding

Paws Outdoors also offers dog minding, this service is very limited as your dog will be staying in the comfort of Tamsin's home and will be the only minded dog there.

Your dog gets one walk per day, and will be in the relaxing company of Tamsin, her husband and their two small dogs.


Your dog will be treated the same as Tamsin's, with thought, care and kindness.

Small dog per night

 $60 per night

e.g. Jack Russell, Pomeranian, Chihuahua

Medium dog per night

$70 per night

e.g. Kelpie, Cocker Spaniel, Beagle

Large dog per night

$80 per night

e.g. Rottweiler, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Labrador

Ph: 0420856937

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