The Importance of Walking your Dog

Exercising your dog is one of the main key elements to dog ownership. Going for long walks to the beach or across country are one of the many joys of having them in our lives. Walking the dog is by far one of the more fulfilling tasks on the to-do list, but what happens when we simply do not have enough time to walk them? Some dogs really suffer without a thorough walk at least once a day, others not so, it depends on their age, breed and energy levels.

Exercise is a lot more than just exercise, it's about a dog's well being. If you have a dog that is at home all day whilst you're at work with nothing to do and no one to interact with, it's highly likely that you will be used to finding some form of excavation around your garden or home.

This can appear in the form of small craters in your lawn, chewed furniture, or for the really creative, burrows into next door's garden. These behaviours are the result of boredom, anxiety and frustration.

Just imagine if you were left at home all day with no escape, TV, books, internet, companionship or social media. Chances are you'd probably start digging holes in the garden and chewing on the furniture too!

We often think of dogs as like us, and to an extent they are. They share many of our emotions, they bond with us, (sometimes better than most people) they forgive us for all of our faults, and they never, ever judge us.

But like us dogs are gregarious by nature and seek social interactions, in fact they thrive on them, and just like us they can become depressed and lonely if denied this basic need.

You'll often hear the dogs along your street that do not get their basic needs met, the continued howls and barks for their owners to return is a common sound in today's society. Sadly their owners are often oblivious to the stress their dog has endured in their absence.

Just one walk for one hour a day will alleviate a dog from his daily woes of being our loyal companion, and for all of the unconditional love and devotion they give us, I think it's the very least we can do for them.