Paws Outdoors was a thought Tamsin had over eight years ago, after realising that the world of animal rescue was not for her. Being outside and walking her personal dogs was so satisfying that she decided she wanted to make it her career. And so Paws Outdoors was born.

​Tamsin has over 20 years experience in dog handling and training, and has rescued and rehabilitated many dogs since moving to Melbourne twelve years ago. Her personal dogs, Chewie & Stumpy also enjoy the perks of living with a pro walker.

Being passionate about animals, as well as fascinated in their behaviour, Tamsin has worked extensively in many areas of animal welfare and training since completing her Diploma in Animal Care back in 1998.


​In 2016 Tamsin became a certified Canine Behaviourist and acquired her title of Canine Behaviour Practitioner after completing her Diploma with the International School of Canine Psychology & Behaviour (ISCP). Since then, Tamsin has furthered her studies and acquired her Advanced Diploma in Canine Psychology & Behaviour, also with the ISCP. Tamsin is also passionate about canine nutrition & wellbeing, which she is also accredited in.

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