Puppy Care


There's nothing quite like the excitement, fun and joy of having a new puppy around the house, but what happens when you're at work all day? 


The first year of a puppy's life is full of mishaps and learning, they get into everything they're not supposed to, and my goodness do they love to chew! Which is one of the many reasons leaving a puppy alone for prolonged periods of time without supervision can often end in unwanted issues.

Leaving a young puppy at this fundamental stage often leads to many unwanted behavioural problems, such as destruction of your home & garden and even separation anxiety.


Paws Outdoors​ puppy care service is an excellent way of ensuring that your new family member isn't getting bored or lonely whilst you're away, and can deter unwanted behaviours from developing.​ It gives you complete peace of mind knowing that someone certified is giving your puppy the correct guidance and stimulation in your absence. I offer free basic training with every visit. 

  • Walk, play, feed and basic training 

  • All treats used for training are 100% natural

  • Only force free training techniques are used to train your puppy

Puppy Care Testimonials

spooddle puppy.jpg

Sarah & Frankie
Brighton East

I had been wanting to get a puppy for some time, but thought it would not be possible as I work full time. A friend told me about Paws Outdoors and the amazing puppy care service Tamsin provides. I contacted Tamsin to see what arrangement we could come up with. I'm now the proud owner of a gorgeous 8 week old Cocker Spaniel called Frankie who is taken care of by Tamsin during the day.


Rachel & Biffy

When my puppy was 12 weeks, Tamsin would come in 3 days a week to look after her whilst I was at work. I always knew I could leave the house in the morning and return to a contented puppy that had been given the 5* treatment. Tamsin taught her all of her basic commands. She's all grown up now, which means she gets to go on pack walks to the beach with all her friends.


James & kaiser

Tamsin came and looked after my Mastiff puppy for two weeks whilst I was away. When I returned, not only had my plants been watered, but my pup knew all of his basic commands. A brilliant & reliable service.