April 18, 2020

Canine communication is both fascinating and also essential when handling all types of dogs. It can help owners intervene in situations before they become problematic, and can give a huge insight into what a dog is really feeling. 

As dog owners we often think...

July 10, 2019

Recall is one of the top 5 bug bears that many of my clients struggle with. Having your dog come when called is not only practical and very satisfying, it's also fundamental for the safety of your dog and an absolute necessity whilst out in public....

March 17, 2019

I am often asked about canine nutrition and what is the best diet for dogs. This is a very personal topic to myself and each and every dog owner out there. There are many different approached to feeding your canine companion, but which is the most nourishing? 

My journe...

February 8, 2019

Dusty really is testament to why someone such as myself loves working with complicated behaviours such as aggression in dogs.  

I received a phone call after being referred by a colleague of mine, it was in regards to a seriously aggressive female Collie called Dusty. S...

January 3, 2019

Exercising your dog is one of the main key elements to dog ownership. Going for long walks to the beach or across country are one of the many joys of having them in our lives. Walking the dog is by far one of the more fulfilling tasks on the to-do list, but what happen...

January 1, 2019

One of the many reasons dogs and humans are so well connected is through bonding. Dogs are fascinating creatures that are much more in-tune with us than we realise. We share our homes with them, feed them, give affection, walk them and happily pay for all of their need...

November 16, 2018

Aggression is mislabelled as unpredictable when it is not. A dog always shows signs of its discomfort with a situation before it resorts to displaying an aggressive behaviour. Unknowledgeable humans either don't see the signs or misinterpret them and assume the dog is...

October 5, 2018

When stressed some dogs behave in ways that are often seen as odd or annoying. The reality is your dog may be feeling a little overwhelmed in certain situations.

Displacement behaviours are normal behaviours that seem displaced and are displayed out of context...

July 19, 2017

We often hear about dogs that are dominant, for many of us this conjures up images of an aggressive dog that uses intimidation to get what it wants. In a wild pack of wolves this type of behaviour can sometimes occur, it's essential that law and order are kept for the...

June 23, 2017

I chose canine cognition for my final thesis and I though I would share it with you. The complex studies of canine intelligence and behaviour are fascinating to myself and many others. They are also fundamental for understanding our sometimes strange, but very loyal fu...

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