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Canine Intelligence?

I chose canine cognition for my final thesis and I though I would share it with you. The complex studies of canine intelligence and behaviour are fascinating to myself and many others. They are also fundamental for understanding our sometimes strange, but very loyal furry friends. Canine Behavior - Canine Cognition Introduction Dogs happen to be man’s best friends. This common expression captures the reality of the long and interesting bond between the human being and the dogs. This bond has become an increasing area of interest from various researchers in various fields including canine researchers, anthropologists, and psychologists among others (Weir, 2010). The field of canine intelligen

Case Study: Separation Anxiety With Tilly

Tilly is a one-year-old neutered Staffordshire bull terrier mix who has recently been adopted from The Lost Dogs' Home, Melbourne. Tilly had settled into her new home and appeared to be very content until her new owner started her full time position with her new job. Tilly is now showing signs of separation anxiety - chewing furniture, incessant barking and toileting in the apartment in her owner’s absence. Apart from the free introductory to training that came with her adoption, Tilly’s owner has not pursued any other forms of training. Tilly’s behaviour has become too much for her new owner handle, and if this is not resolved shortly she will either have to re-home Tilly or be forced out o

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